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Look of the day: Blue Ivy

22 Mar

Hi Beauties…I decided to go out yesterday and enjoy the beautiful weather. I had to do a little running around so I wanted to be comfortable yet stylish. I layered a pinstripe blouse with a chunky small necklace, and a longer link one. The earrings, blue cocktail ring, and blue arm cuff are my fave. They are vintage pieces from my grandmother’s collection that I paired with a few gold bracelets. I put on a pair of old jeans, floral wedges, and a blue studded out bag. “Blue Ivy” look of the day. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Until next time Beauties…MUAH!


>cHaiN REaCti♂n

23 Apr


…Chains the name of the game!  Coco Chanel is most famous for her classic quilted Chanel bag, with the ooh so famous chain strap. A lot of designers are incorporating the whole  chain inspired straps in their handbags this summer. Here are a few that caught my eye…snatch one to add to your collection FAShiOniStAs. ENJOY!!!



>~Marc Jacobs~

8 Apr


Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Collection. One of my ~FAVORITE~ designers!!!  Marc…as we are on first name basis lol, is BRILLANT with vibrant colors. 

>MiNNiE MoUsE tHe Trendsetter???

6 Apr






 Well…Minnie must have been the inspiration behind this seasons ” BOW CRaZe“. Bows of all shapes, sizes, and color hit the Spring 2010 runways!  This trend was popular in the 80’s with celebs like Madonna, and Whitney HoustonThis style can be very cute if it’s done in moderation with the right outfit. This look is NOT for the shy and timid.It takes a confident person to rock a bow the size of a hat on top of your head.

Designers have also incorporated the bow theme into other pieces such as handbags, shoes, jewlery, and tops. I’m a Girly Girl…so I love it!









>Di-StRessed iS D-BeSt!

3 Apr