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I Missed You & I’m Back

1 Sep

Hi Beauties,

I truly miss you guys…What’s going on? “How you doin?”

Anyways, we have so much catching up to do. I have no idea where to even start, but I would like to try by saying THANK YOU to all of my friends, fam, new and usual beauties. You guys are the reason that I am back at it again. It’s a wonderful feeling when I run into you Beauties and you tell how much you really like a lipstick or eyeshadow I recommended, a look that you got inspired by and tried, or hell the fact that you even trying things outside the box lol.

So I started a new venture, but in the height of my production I got a new job. God is good because it was so unexpected, but it also took me a little off track. Right now I am trying to find a happy medium for both. I’m not ready to spill the beans on my new project yet, but you better know that it is HAUTE

I don’t like breaking promises, so let’s start with a small commitment to catch up with you guys at least once a week. I’m also going to start doing more Face of the Day again, so please hold tight.

In between time I encourage you to reach out to me and let me know what you would like to talk about. Product reviews, relationships, hair, it really does not matter. We can talk about it all!

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Until next time Beauties…MUAH