Back to Basics: Part I “How to Fill In Your Brows”

15 Aug

Hi Beauties….I am starting a series of “Back to Basics” Makeup tutorials on my YouTube Channel BeauteMarkTV. Hopefully these videos will help you Beauties over come your fears of basic makeup application. Fall is around the corner, so I thought it would be a perfect time to learn techniques to help revamp your look! Please let me know if you have any request for this series or future videos.

So without further ado: “How to Fill in Your Brows”

Beautie List (you will need the following in your shade):

    1. Eyeliner Pencil / Brow Pencil
    2. Eyeshadow (as close to your hair color as possible)
    3. Concealer (1-2 shades lighter)
    4. Spooley Brush
    5. Flat tip Brush
    6. Concealer Brush

Until next time Beauties….MUAH


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