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Classic Red-Black-White

30 Aug

Red pencil dress
$1,695 –

Rachel Zoe Tie-Neck Plunge Blouse, Cream
$295 –

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe platform pumps
$850 –

Clutch handbag
$1,595 –

Stone bracelet
$47 –

Lips In Rio Rio
$16 –

$12 –


R.I.P Aaliyah

20 Aug

Her style,  her beauty, her talent made her one in a million. You are truly missed Aaliyah!!!!

Until next time beauties…Muah

Photo Credit:NNBD.Com

OOTD: Modern Day Safari

18 Aug

Hi Beauties…Here is a Modern Day Safari look I put together on the way to the museum with my family! Quick, easy, comfortable yet fashionable.

Until next time Beauties…MUAH!

FOTD:Sunset Eyes

17 Aug

Hi Beauties…Here is a look that I did inspired by the beautiful Sunset we had the other night! This look is super is to re-create and very affordable! The coolest part about this look is the lipstick that I made to complete the look. Check out the video and pics below!


MAC-Coppering / MAC-Hey/ Revlon-Hint of Ruby Blush

Until next time Beauties…MUAH

Back to Basics: Part 3 “How to Line Your Eyes”

15 Aug

Hi Beauties…Welcome back! There are three basic ways to line your eyelids: Pencil, Powder, or Liquid Liner. Check out the video below for an easy way to apply all three.

Until next time Beauties….

Back to Basics: Part 2 “How to Blend Eyeshadows”

15 Aug

Hi Beauties…Do you want to wear eyeshadow, but just not sure where to place it or how to blend it? This video is for you!

Beautie Supplies:

  1. Flat Eyeshadow Brush
  2. Tapered Blending Brush
  3. Three Eyeshadows
  • Light color-Eyebrow Highlight (usually in the cream family)
  • Eyelid -Color of choice
  • Crease color-Warm color that will blend well with the Eyelid color

You’re ready to go!

Until next time Beauties….MUAH

Back to Basics: Part I “How to Fill In Your Brows”

15 Aug

Hi Beauties….I am starting a series of “Back to Basics” Makeup tutorials on my YouTube Channel BeauteMarkTV. Hopefully these videos will help you Beauties over come your fears of basic makeup application. Fall is around the corner, so I thought it would be a perfect time to learn techniques to help revamp your look! Please let me know if you have any request for this series or future videos.

So without further ado: “How to Fill in Your Brows”

Beautie List (you will need the following in your shade):

    1. Eyeliner Pencil / Brow Pencil
    2. Eyeshadow (as close to your hair color as possible)
    3. Concealer (1-2 shades lighter)
    4. Spooley Brush
    5. Flat tip Brush
    6. Concealer Brush

Until next time Beauties….MUAH

Product Review: ELF Cosmetics

12 Aug

Hi Beauties…Happy Thursday!

As promised I wanted to share my thoughts on two ELF products that I purchased at Target earlier this week. I paid roughly $15 for both products and they are pretty good for the money!

Item # 1: ELF 100 Eyeshadow Palette $10

This palette was $$10 for 100 colors, so I had to try it! The colors are very rich and vibrant, but I  did find that some of the lighter colors went on very sheer so I would use primer and wet your brush before applying.

Over all I give this products 3 out 5 MUAH’s

based on price, packaging, and quality!

Item # 2: ELF Three Pack/Primer $3

Three Primers for $3 bucks…pretty decent hun? The package includes three shades: Nude, Pearl, and Champagne. I used the peach primer in the look below, and it worked just fine. More colors stayed in place and I didn’t experience any creasing!

I give this product 3 out of 5 MUAH’s

based on price, packaging, and quality!

Until next time Beauties…MUAH

FOTD: Peacoky Eyes

10 Aug

Hi Beauties….Today’s face of the day was inspired by rich jewel tone colors, much like the vibrant feathers of a Peacock from the ELF 100 eyeshadow palette. I took my grandfather to pick up a few things the other day in Target, so I casually browsed the cosmetic section. Target has a great selection beauty products. I found a large display of ELF products and went straight for the eyeshadows. I used their products before and felt they were pretty good for the money so I purchased a 100 eyeshadow palette ($10), and a 3pk of primer ($3).  SOOOOOO here is a look that I created with ELF EYESHADOW ONLY….I hope you like!

No CopyCat

2 Aug

Hi Beauties…Today I would like to talk about “PERSONAL STYLE”.  Your style is something that is unique to your own personal taste. I run across a lot of people who have no idea what their personal style is so the run out and buy things that look good on other people, what ever the trend is, or they don’t care at all.

You can find inspiration in so many different places. The key part of exploration when  defying your style, is looking for things that are appealing to you. I keep a “Diva Book”. This book has things that I picked out that fit my personal style, where to purchase it, and the price. I also bookmark looks that I run across online. Grab a cute book and go to work. Don’t worry about writing anything too formal. This book is for your eyes only…look at it as a fashion diary. Once you get the hang of writing in it on the regular basis you may want to break your thoughts up into categories such as: Shoes, Denim, Skirts, Work, Date Night’s, etc. Just make it fun!

 Find inspiration

  • Magazines

Flip through magazines and mark “ANYTHING” that catches your eye. Write down what in particular you liked about these items, and what you could see yourself pairing them with.

  • The Mall

Try going out to the mall and studying the mannequin displays. Keep in mind that these looks will be over stated, and over accessorized for retail purposes. If you go on the weekend you can literally sit back and enjoy the runway as hundreds of people prowl in their favorite shops. You are sure to find an eclectic blend of styles…some good, some not so much.

Grow From Those Around You

This one is sticky because it includes people you may know on a more personal level such as: fashion forward friends, family members, or even co-workers. Write down what you like about their style. What ever you do, DON’T STYLE JACK!  In other words don’t try to duplicate their style. You will be noticeably  uncomfortable when you try to be someone or something that you are not. You should be able to grow around the company you keep, but there is a very thin line between learning from them and trying to become them! Find a way to take inspiration from these people and put your own personal spin on it. NOTHING is worse than a CopyCat in my opinion. Some will say it is a form of flattery…I say it’s copyright infringement, displays a lack of creativity, self-awareness, and self-confidence. Pick things out because YOU like them, NOT because someone you admire or hang around would buy it.”Do you…because that’s what you will learn to do best in the end!”

Style Etiquette

There are a few exceptions to the rules, there will be a time that someone (that you hang with or see a lot) may wear something that catches your eye. What do you do? Well let’s start with what Not to do…Do not stare them down as you take mental notes about what they are wearing, don’t tell them you like what ever it is that they have on, then run out and buy the same thing. That’s a HUGE NO NO! Give them a compliment instead, and if you know it’s something you want to purchase just say something. Avoid asking where they got it from, or how much they paid for it especially around other people. Now unless you are rich and can afford to have everything custom-made or shop at one of a kind boutiques, the occasional “I have that” will happen. That’s life…chances are if you like something and picked it out someone else with similar taste will too. Retailers and buyers depend on this market trend. My fam came into town and one of our favorite stores was having a sale so we all ended up with a lot of the same items and who cared? Nobody, because that’s just how we roll. We all have our own unique style so no two people will wear it the same. We even picked out stuff for each other…I ♥ my fam! These rules don’t apply when shopping a celeb look or people you don’t know (even then I would suggest taking inspiration)  At the end of the day it’s a free world so if you want it…cop it!

SHOP 2 Ya Drop

You will need the following to complete this task:

  1. Your Fashion Diary
  2. Someone from your list of “people to grow from”
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Comfortable Shoes
  5. An open mind

Okay Beauties time for the test of time. Put your research to work…pull out your fashion diary and shop. If you see something that you are on the fence about it GRAB it, because those are the items that are usually over looked on the hanger but look great on. Ask your shopping buddy to take pics of all your different looks and see which one’s photograph the best. BUY THEM… If you are afraid of having buyers remorse find out what the return policy is and shop accordingly.

Did you find this article helpful?

Until next time Beauties…MUAH