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La La La La: The Smurfs Are BACKKKKKK

29 Jul

Hi Beauties…I am so excited that today is Friday, and The Smurfs are in theatres NOW! I grew up watching the adorable blue creatures. My fave, you already know…Smurfett and Vanity. My children had no idea who or what a Smurf was up until the preview of the movie, now they are looking up episodes on youtube.

I stumbled upon some adorable pics of Smurfett in a spread in Harper’s Bazaar and she quite the little fashionista….

Photo Credit: Harper Bazzar


Katy Perry who I adore got the blue fever sporting a blinged out bustier dress by the Blonds, and Smurf Blue Red Bottoms to “The Smurfs” movie premiere…only Katy!

Photo Credit: Starcasm


Until next time Beauties…MUAH


FOTD: Face of The Day

29 Jul

Hi Beauties…Happy Friday!


Until next time Beauties…MUAH

What’s For Dinner: Parmesan Fettuccine & Spinach Pasta w/Shrimp

26 Jul

Hi Beauties…I hope everyone is keeping cool! The temperature here has been 100 degrees plus for five consecutive days, but we have a small break today in the 80’s thank you Lord.

When it’s hot outside the last thing I want to do is be in the kitchen. But as a family of four it is the most cost efficient way to go. We all have heavy appetites so I’m constantly looking for something fast, fulfilling, and easy on the pockets.  I decided to start sharing some our favorite meals in hopes of helping another distressed parent, single, family, etc. so you won’t cringe when you think of those three words “What’s for dinner”.

Last night I cooked Parmesan fettuccine & Spinach Pasta with Shrimp. Sounds fancy right? well this meal cost under $20 to prepare (not including seasonings, which most of you will already have).

You will need the following to get started:

  • Knorr/Lipton Parmesan Fettuccine & Spinach Pasta– Each pack is about two servings (I used 4)
  • Cooked Shrimp Large/Extra Large– One bag of the Large cooked shrimp will give you about 9-10 shrimp per person for a family of 4
  • Sweet Peas
  • New York Garlic Bread Sticks

The first thing you need to do is place the frozen shrimp in a bowl of water.

I prefer to remove the tail off the shrimp and then season with the following:

-Curry Powder, Old Bay, Cajun Seasoning, Garlic Powder, Pepper and Salt.

You will need to boil 1 1/2 cup of water per pack of fettuccini, butter and milk if you like.

In a seperate pan add butter, enough water to cover the pan, and add the shrimp.

*Remember the shrimp are already cooked. You just want to warm them for a minute or two*


Prepare your Sweet Peas

Place your bread in the oven and the and get ready…it’s almost time Yummmm!

I paired a Sweet Chardonnay with the meal to balance the spicy shrimp.

Drum Roll Please…..

    Would you try to prepare this meal?

Until Next time Beauties…MUAH

R.I.P Amy Winehouse

25 Jul


Hi Beauties…I don’t like sad posting, but I have to speak about the loss of Amy Winehouse. Winehouse, age 27, was found dead in her London Flat on Saturday. The autopsy report released today was inconclusive, but more test are expected to figure out the cause of Winehouse’s death. The Grammy winning star struggled publicly for years with mental health issues, drugs, and alcohol. Many speculate that her death was attributed to a drug over dose.

“Back to Black” was Amy Winehouse’s second largest selling album. Individual downloads of tracks like “Rehab” sold about 30,000 copies before the charts closed on Sunday, according to Billboard, and “You know that I’m no good” around 15,000 copies. It’s kind of sad how we appreciate people more when they are no longer with us. I think it would have been much more rewarding if Winehouse could have seen these record-breaking numbers before she died.

I personally own “BACK TO BLACK”, and I have to say the album is sick.  Her music puts me in the mind of old Harlem in the “Cotton Club” days. I was completely blown away the first time I heard that soulful voice come out such a petite frame. She had so much talent and her whole life ahead of her. You will truly be missed Amy Winehouse!

Until next time Beauties…Muah

Photo Credit: Getty Images 2011

Video: Courtsey of Youtube

Fashion Alert:Gwen Stefani for TARGET

21 Jul

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

Hi Beauties…Get your little FASHIONISTAS ready! Gwen Stefani  can add another slash to her Fashion empire. She is reportedly launching a clothing line at Target for babies, children, and teens. The line “Harajuku Mini” will feature items  at a fashionably low price of $3.99-$29.99. The first release date in stores and is November 13, 2011, followed by a second release in January 2012. “Harajuku Mini is a dream come true,” Stefani told WWD. “I’ve always wanted to do a cool children’s fashion line inspired by the supercute and playful kid’s clothing you find in Japan.Target has given me the creative freedom to design kid’s clothing that is different than most anything you usually see out there with great quality, attention to detail and most of all, available at amazing prices.”

Gwen shook the shoe game up when her shoe line “L.A.M.B” hit the runways in 2004. She made her mark “No Doubt” with her unique asian inspired esthetics giving you more than just a shoe. Every piece in her collection tells  a story, especially if you are a shoeaholic like me. She launched the “Harajuku Lovers” brand one year later adding apparel, fashion accessories, and stationery to her collection, once again proving that she was in it for the long run.

I can’t wait to get a sneak peek of the collection. Based on her style it has to be HAUT!

Until next time Beauties…MUAH

Face of the day: Minty Summer eyes

21 Jul

Hi Beauties…here is a quick look I did the other day. I used mostly BH cosmetics eyeshadow, but I REALLY had a hard time blending them because I did not use a primer/base. Other than that they work okayyy?! DEFINITELY not my fave as you can tell in the photo below, but oh well.  Hope you enjoy….

Until next time beauties…MUAH

Shatter Nails

18 Jul

Hi Beauties…

Want to see what the hype of shatter nails is about….check out the vid below! Looks like a fun and easy DIY project for this weekend **wink wink**

Until next time Beauties…Muah

Date Night With the Garrett’s

18 Jul

Hi Beauties…I hope you had a great weekend!

My hubby declared last Thursday “DATE NIGHT”. We had a rough week and instead of complaining, he decided to spend time with his favorite lady. That’s why I love this man soooo much! We’ve been together for 13 years and I still get butterflies when we go out on dates. For me it’s the excitement of knowing that I will have my man’s undivided attention for hours. Date night is a tradition we have kept for many years to remind us of why we picked each other to spend the rest of our lives with. It’s funny how you will go all out when you are trying to court your spouse, but once you get them you get too comfortable and don’t want to do the things you used to do.

I decided to make a video of my look and share a few photos of our romantic evening. We went downtown to Cuban Revolution and enjoyed dinner outside on the patio. The weather was great and the conversation even better. Life is short..make time for the ones who love you and the ones you can’t live without. I love you BG! xoxoxoxo

Enjoy Life! Until next time Beauties…MUAH

Beyonce “Best Thing I Never Had”

14 Jul

Beyonce Year of 4 Documentary

14 Jul

Hi Beauties…I ran across this short documentary of Beyoncé’s Year of “4” documentary. It’s basically a one year running diary of the development of her new album and her growth as an artist. I love and respect this young divas hustle, she definitely is a go getter. She does not take No for an answer, and when you see how the dances came about for “Who Run The World” you will understand(I gotta learn those moves…I’m practicing!). She appears to be very humble and down to earth…she’s still a country girl at heart. It would be a dream to meet her in person one day…okay and put her blush on…okay do her makeup you got me lmbo. Team B babe!

Until Next time Beauties… “Who Run this Mother”