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Summer Most Haves 2011-Part I

29 Jun

Hi Beauties…Summer is finally here, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite items with you.

Red Flare by: Orly

It’s very hard to find the perfect red…it does not matter what complexion you are or race. But I happen to love this shade on me, it’s a warm red!


Here are two of my favorite scents…**Beauté Note: You should never run and purchase something that you smelled on someone else and liked. Everyone’s body chemistry is very unique, so it may not smell the same way on you. Instead ask for a sample and wear it for a couple of days to see if you like it**.

Endless Love by: Victoria’s Secret

And I can’t forget about my baby

Daisy by:Marc Jacobs

I can’t get enough of accessories…Here are a few of my faves

Charms, animal print, and feathers…how could I resist

Studs are a must have for me…OD!

Chunks Cuffs are my newest bangles obsession

I wear cross body bags year round. But they are very convenient during the summer since they are a lot smaller and hold less

My bedroom is very Modern, French, Contempoary…I fell in love with this frame the moment I laid eyes on it

This last item was a gift from one of my former co-workers. Not only was it thoughtful, but it is animal print so you know it’s totally ME. Thanks Kristine AKA “NEW GIRL”

What are your summer must haves?

Until next time Beauties…MUAH


New Beyonce: Listen to the full album here!

29 Jun

Hi Beauties,

Here is a link to Bey’s new CD…#1 is my favorite!



Until next time Beauties…MUAH


29 Jun

Guess Who’s Back…

Hi Beauties…I’m back in business. As some of you know, I was experiencing issues with the previous platform that I was using to post my blogs.  The whole process between importing my old material, coding, and navigating in a new program is a story in itself. But, the important thing is that we are back together fingers crossed and it’s back to our regular scheduled program…”How You Doin” (still bitter that I didn’t get picked) LMBO!

I am working on some ideas for YouTube makeup tutorials, so if you have any suggestions or issues that you would like for me to address NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO. There are so many vid’s on how to do makeup so I really would like to do something refreshing.

I am getting ready to go on a cruise whoop whoop, so I really been on the shopping scene… really just for inspiration because the stores here have NOTHING. I love buying a new piece, that brings an older piece back to life like accessories for example. You can add a new scarf, bag, shoes etc and viola a new outfit.  I’m a sucker for chunky/gaudy pieces, especially bangles and rings. For some people it’s too much, for me it’s right up my alley. I adore my Mr. T starter kits…DON’T JUDGE ME!! My philosophy “The bigger the better…the more the merrier”.

Until next time Beauties…MUAH

Purp & Yellow

17 Jun

>Purp & Yellow

Face MAC Studio Fluid NW45 MAC Medium/Dark Blot Powder MAC Pinch Me Blush Revlon Skinlights illuminator (warm/light) over blushEyesRevlon illuminance cream shadow Golden Glitz 04 palette (cream color)Yellow BH cosmetics 120 palettePurple BH cosmetics 120 paletteMAC Vanilla/Shroom (eyebrow highlight)Purple eyeliner pencil (outer waterline)White NYX pencil (inner waterline)Black liquid linerBlack MascaraHi Beauties…here is a look I did using the 120 BH cosmetics palette. (X-marks the colors that I used in this video)LipsMAC Limited addition gloss and lipstick sorry!Until next time Beauties…