2011 Billboard Awards

23 May

2011 Billboard Awards

Hi Beauties…did you watch the Billboard awards last night? All I have to say is Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce…Bey showed everyone why she run this mother lol. The chic is just bad hands down. In case you missed her stella performance….

Now let’s talk about some RED CARPET Fashion!
Now we know why Bey down played her red capet get up…owwwwwww~

This dress had too much going on. It should have stopped with the top half, or even just eliminate that satin fabric sew-in panel and tulle!

Rihanna looked amazing in her all white…chic and sassy! Work it Rih Rih

Now I heart Fergie…but once again too much going on. This dress is not flattering for any shape, especially her small frame!

Now I love Nikki…but……………………………

Ms. Keri baby. I love her hair, makeup, and dress. What do you think about the shoes? Don’t really do the dress any justice right?


Kelly whom I love and adore looks great…but the wig is too wiggy. What do you think Beauties?

I  can’t say nothing bad about my baby NAS, although I do miss his chipped tooth!

And last but not least…..the Queen showed up  in true Diva fashion. Only a real diva could pull this off hunny! Loves, Loves, Loves 

Until next time Beauties….


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