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>An Everyday Look

27 Jan



>I Don’t Wear Makeup Because…

12 Jan


Hi Beauties…far too many times I hear women say that they like the way makeup looks on other people, but not on themselves. Makeup takes a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of the basic steps it’s elementary my dear…elementary. Here are the “Top 5 Reasons” I feel women don’t wear makeup, and solutions to their obstacles.

1. People are intimidated by the concept of buying makeup- Down right SCARED in a lot of situations. With so many brands the choices are limitless and that alone can deter many.

Solution- The first thing you need to do is determine your skin type. Do you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin? Knowing your skin type is will be instrumental is deciding which foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc is best for you. If you need help choosing your skin type click HERE! Use the guide below as a guide in selecting the right foundation.

Dry, Normal Skin type- Cream Foundation
Dry, Normal, Combination Skin Type- Liquid Foundation
Combination, Oily Skin Type- Powder
All Skin Types- Mineral Makeup

 2. Too expensive- Thanks to Celebs, Models, and other UNREALISTIC creatures, many feel they have to run to the nearest makeup counter and splurge a car payment to look good. FALSE



 Solution- There is really no need to spend a lot of money on expensive products that you don’t know how to use. You will get frustrated and toss the products under your sink in never never land! Invest in a good foundation and skimp on the rest. That’s right I said it! ….Your local beauty supply and drugstore can be your BEST FRIEND. Brands such as Maybelline, NYX, Milano, Rimmel, L’oreal, Revlon, and Wet and Wild (to name a few) make good quality lipsticks, liners, blush, mascara, and even eyeshadow. I still use a lot of these brands and recommend them to my clients as well. (I will post a detail list of products that I like from each brand in another post really soon!)You may also want to look into purchasing eyeshadow quads to take the guess work out of color combinations and give you more bang for your buck$.





3. Not enough time in the morning- There is a misconception that a flawless face takes 30 min to an hour. WRONG



Solution- A basic face should take about 5-10, okay 15 minutes when you are starting out. Here are a few basic steps to help get you on your way.



Apply moisturizer all of your face and neck



– Once your moisturizer is dry apply a primer to your face / eyelids. A primer is used as a base coat to help your makeup last longer.



– Use a clean mascara wand or small grooming brush and comb through your eyebrows



– Dust a neutral color eyeshadow over the entire lid (at least two shades darker then your skin tone) using a flat makeup brush. Build the intensity of the color by using patting motions.



      Flat Eyeshadow Brush



If you choose to wear one color make sure you blend the lid color into your crease for a natural finish. For definition apply a darker color to your crease with a dome shape brush. Use windshield wipe motions (back and forth) to eliminate any harsh lines.



Dome Shape Brush



Apply a mascara and liner of your choice



-Concealer / Foundation- You can apply concealer and foundation before you apply eyeshadow if you like, but I would suggest putting a little powder under your eyes in case a fall out occurs. Fall out is when particles of eyeshadow, liners, etc fall unto your face making things very messy! If this happens, simply take a fluffy powder brush a dust away the particles. You made need to re-apply a thin layer of foundation. I like to dab a generous amount of concealer on the back of my hand to warm it up and apply it with my fingers for a smoother application. You can also use disposable sponges if that works best for you. Apply the concealer to any areas that you would like to camouflage such as dark areas under the eyes and any blemishes that can not be covered with powder.



-Foundation- Use a fluffly brush and apply your foundation in small circle like motions for a flawless finish. Do not forget to apply it to your temples, ears, jawline, and neck. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. *If you are using a liquid foundation you will need to use a translucent powder to set it.*



Powder Brush   Disposable Sponges



-Blush optional…but it really makes a difference. Select a warm color blush that is complimentary to your skin tone (if you need help selecting one let me know) Apply using a smaller angled brush. Start at the apple of your cheeks and fade in upward motions towards your temple. *A little goes a long way so be very generous with the amount of blush used*.



Contour / Blush Brush



-Lips…Choose a lipstick of your choice and apply a sheer coat of gloss for a sassy finish. *Lip liner is optional*



4. Bad experience at the makeup counter- I get it…far too many times people go to the makeup counter and leave looking like BOZO the clown. TRUE!!!








Solution- BE CLEAR. Anytime you have a situation that is open to interpretation, human error will occur. Makeup is no exception to this rule! I would strongly suggest bringing pictures of different looks that you like and bring them to your consultation. Explain exactly what you like and dislike about the looks that way you and your artist are on the same page. *Keep in mind that they are artist and will use creative freedom to put a spin on the look*.



5. I don’t know where to put it- The process of makeup application can be frustrating…IF you don’t have clear guidance! TRUE







I hope this post helps you, and as always I appreciate any feedbacks or questions. Until next time Beauties!







>Face Of The Day / MAC Steamy Eyes

11 Jan

>Steamy eyes by MAC

>Bold and Beautiful

10 Jan


Bold and Beautiful….

I am constantly flipping through magazines/fashion articles to find new looks to share with you all. A ran across a few bold looks that really caught my eye and decided to share them with you. Are these everyday looks? Of course not…unless you are like me and really don’t care what other people think. But scaled down in moderation, these looks can easily become very fun and flirty. If you see a look below that you would like for me to recreate in a more realistic fashion, let me know and I will also list all of the products used. Until next time Beauties….





















>Face of the day/SmOKey Eyes

5 Jan