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>+ Size Figure doesn’t have to = FASHION-LESS!!!!

30 Mar


Full figred doesn’t have to = Fashion-less, especially if you know where to shop. No disrespect to Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart, but full size woman want more options! Forever21 launched it’s plus line this fall. I have to say the selection is not all that great at Crabtree Valley Mall, but they do have a lot more options online. I also found some really cute tops/denim at Size Appeal and Miss Phit. Here are just a few cute items I put together. Let me know your thoughts…STAY FABULOUS!


>Spring Forward With Style

21 Mar



21 Mar


” ““Fashions fade, style is eternal””

Yves Saint Laurent

>H&M Hits The Triangle

19 Mar


My first official fashion post…yeah!!  H&M, a MEGA fashion retail giant, opened its very first store in NC’s very own Crabtree Valley Mall yesterday at noon. I had the extreme pleasure in taking part in the opening ceremony, along with “HUNDREDS” of other Fashionistas hunting for great buys. I must say…I was very impressed. I am siked about my purchase…bracelets, rings, necklaces, two dresses, jacket, top, skirt, and a purse for under $150.00. Be prepared to exercise lots of patience if you plan to join the fashion mayhem this weekend. The lines are very long for the fitting rooms and check-out. I will say that the staff was very friendly and accommodating through all of the chaos. They even handed out H&M water while shoppers waited in line to pay for their purchases.

 I’m from NYC, and a lot of the times when retailers open a chain in the south it is very disappointing to me. I know the buyers have to cater to the market, but really?

Nordstrom…LOVE em!! But, they don’t have nowhere near the selection they offer in major cities. I really feel that the consensus is that North Carolinians are too safe as it relates to fashion, and will not buy the “edgier”…”Pricier” looks!

Macy’s…Another fave in the city, not so much here! In my opinion, they swapped out signs with HECHTS, and kept the same boring inventory. Don’t get me wrong…every now and then you can score a nice pair of shoes, a trendy piece from their “INC” line, or a nasty piece to add to your accessories, but overall NEXT!!!!

Stay tuned for pics from H&M’s opening day, and my inexpensive finds. Until then…stay FABULOUS!

>OFOTD/ Peacocky

5 Mar